Temple Judea is "a place to belong", a place to feel at home, to learn, to grow, and to connect with your community. We pride ourselves as being a community that does not turn anyone away. Sadly, not everyone who wants to join us is able to afford the Standard Membership Contribution.  In fact, only about half of our income comes from members paying their Standard Membership Contribution. Much of the rest comes from generous donors who choose to become "Pillars" of our community.


As a Pillar of the Community, your contribution goes directly into the Temple Judea operating budget supporting clergy and staff salaries, scholarship and membership assistance, programs, building security, maintenance and more.

Pillars pledge an amount above the Standard Membership Contribution at one of the following levels:

Pillar of Torah - $10,000
Pillar of Creation - $5400
Pillar of Leadership - $3600
Pillar of Strength - $1800
Pillar of Learning - $1000
Pillar of Blessing - $500

All donors will receive a listing in the upcoming Pillars Brochure, the annual list of donors, and special Judean issues. Those who donate $3600 or more will receive an invitation to a private event with the clergy. PLUS, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you make a significant difference in keeping our congregation vibrant and strong, and our doors open to all those who seek affiliation.

To find out more about becoming a Pillar, call the Temple Office at (818) 758-3800.